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It’s an honor to share my music.  You are welcome to listen to my tracks directly from this site for free – but if you want to download, there is a charge per track/album. Thank you for supporting my music in anyway you can. 

If you are interested in having me come to your community for a house concert, congregational concert, folk festival, coffee house gig – please let me know.
To peace, Neal

Be A Light
Chanukah Chag Yafeh
Light One Candle
O Chanukah
Be A Light
On The Air
Maoz Tzur
Mi Yimaleil
The Great Menorah Debate
Al Hanisim
S'vivon (Instrumental)
Oseh Shalom
Maoz Tzur (Instrumental)
Day Will Come
Day Will Come
Growing Growing
Live Together
Still We Stand
Negative and Positive
Somewhere In Between
Everywhere to Run
Not a Real Song
I Am A River
Strength In Numbers
Don't Be Silent
Isaac's Question
Let Me Live
L'ma'an Achai
The Race
T'Kah B'shofar
Sinu Ra
Rise Up
Sha'alu Shalom
Who Am I?
Or Chadash
Who Am I
Ki Vesimcha
Ein Kol Chadash
Bakesh Shalom
Psalm 23
And Now Israel
Lecha Adonai
Mi Chamocha
Maoz Tzur
Mi Sheberach
Oseh Shalom
Humbling Time
Or Chadash Ruach Mix