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About Neal

On "Be A Light"

“A beautiful musical prayer and guiding message for the ages”

”A nourishing song with the beauty of peace hope and love ringing through Neal’s music”

Neal Katz, a veteran in Jewish and folk music for over three decades is the rabbi at Congregation Beth El in Tyler, TX.

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Neal has led music across the US, from youth groups to congregational services, and even in Israel and the Former Soviet Union. His debut album, “Who Am I?” in 2002, gained significant acclaim, with tracks featured in various Jewish publications and events. His follow-up project, “Strength in Numbers,” was produced in 2006. 

In 2009, Neal worked with one of his heroes Tom Prasada-Rao to produce two more CDs: “Day Will Come,” a folk-music project and then the beloved “Be A Light: Chanukah Songs For Grown-ups.”

In 2010, Neal was a finalist for the Kerrville New Folk Festival and continues to lead Shabbat services at select weekends during the yearly festival.